Today another client called with a wire transfer fraud situation where their client wired approximately $300,000 for closing to a fraudulent bank account. Thankfully this real estate agency purchased cyber liability coverage so they are not alone in dealing with this. So now what?

  1. If you are a PBI Group Cyber Liability Policyholder call your Crisis Coach Hotline number:  1 (844) 739-7754  What is a Data Breach Coach?

If  you are not, here are some basic steps to help:

  1. If a funds transfer was sent, immediately contact the bank, start with your branch manager and then continue to the fraud department. You are trying to stop the funds. We have seen transactions get returned if you move quickly enough.
  2. Change your passwords and usernames on all email and financial systems.
  3. Contact the FBI to file a complaint.   If the amount is over $50k try the FKKC program because you can get your money back.