A Data Breach Coach is a leader, often a person at a law firm, who is your main point of contact once a breach is suspected. He or she is available through a feature in your Cyber Liability policy via a 24-hour hotline to provide consultative and legal services to help you manage a breach event.  If you suspect a cyber breach you call them, if it turns out to be nothing, better safe than sorry. But what is a cyber breach? Anything where you suspect wrongdoing by a cybercriminal even if you don’t know if there was an actual breach or hack.

A Data Breach Coach has various professional resources at their disposal such as forensics, IT, regulatory, and communications experts.  They are akin to a project manager who has been down this road before and will guide you through the process while bringing in other professionals to build out your Data Breach Team. You will follow their advice through the process of restoring your business back to “normal” and cleaning up any damage that has been done. It is not easy to know what to do next when the bad guys have gotten into your systems and your data is stolen or deleted.  A Data Breach Coach does… your most trusted adviser during this time of need.