Financial Fraud Kill Chain (FFKC) is FBI program designed to recover funds for customers who have been victimized by fraudulent international wire schemes. The FFKC is a cooperative program to attempt to stop/recover funds fraudulently transferred FFKC out of U.S. banks. The FFKC is intended to be utilized as another potential avenue for US financial institutions to get victim funds returned.

The FFKC can only be implemented if the fraudulent wire transfer meets the following criteria and provided to your local FBI office.

  • the wire transfer is $50,000 or above;
  • the wire transfer is international;
  • a SWIFT recall notice has been initiated; and
  • the wire transfer has occurred within the last 72 hours

Any wire transfers that occur outside of these thresholds should still be reported to law enforcement but the FFKC cannot be utilized to return the fraudulent funds.

Here is a link to the official program letter with additional instructions.