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”There were many companies that solicited our business, but only one company that followed up with any consistency, and only one company that answered all of our questions. The fact that you waived the deductible if we could show that the house was inspected and that a home warranty was offered were also somewhat unique. The fact that your bid also happened to be very competitive only made the decision easier. If the same interest level exists in the unlikely event of a claim, then the decision is a win/win.”
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Dan S.
I have had the pleasure of having Paul Bondy as an insurance representative for a number of years. His knowledge of the E&O Insurance market is a definite asset in doing business with Paul. But perhaps one of his best, of many, attributes is just how far he goes to deliver top notch customer service. My gosh, this man has taken calls from me after 9PM and assisted me when I had trouble getting a quote from his competitor! I sensed his concern was to ensure I had enough information to make an informed decision. Well, after finally getting that competitor's quote, after 6 phone calls, 4 emails and a call to their corporate office, Paul then assisted me to honestly dissect the pros and cons of the various policies. Paul goes above and beyond to earn your business. For that reason alone it makes a compelling reason to use Paul. However, his quote was $700 less which certainly clinched the deal!
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Micki C.
ERA Team Realtors
I received three bids on my E&O insurance. Although Paul's was not the lowest, nor the highest, I was more comfortable with the coverage. He helped me to understand the differences so that I was more able to compare apples to apples. He did not rush nor pressure me, but he helped me to meet the deadlines.
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James P.
ERA Tradewind Real Estate
I am very pleased with Paul and the pbi group. He as been fantastic to work with and cares about me E&O needs. Thank you for all you do for us.
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Anthony D.
ERA Village Green Realty
”We are pleased with your recent E&O quote. We have dealt with you in the past, and feel comfortable with you knowing that you are an experienced insurance source, and are available to discuss any concerns regarding coverage. ”
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Greg K.
ERA Advantage Realty
It was a great experience to work with Mr. Bondy again. Paul is very knowledgeable and well versed in the intricacies of E&O insurance. He goes the extra mile in looking out for his clients (before and after the sale). You can be assured that you will be provided with the best quality product for your needs at a very competitive price. We would heartily recommend him to all our real estate colleagues and business associates!
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George M.
ERA American Towne Realty
Paul has been my insurance agent for well over 20 years. When he started his own company, pbi Group, I followed him and terminated coverage with the company he had worked for. It is not the insurance company, but rather the person who will be working for you. I put my trust in Paul 100% +. Over the years my company has had insurance claims and without a doubt Paul was there working on my behalf every step of the way. I highly recommend him for your insurance needs. He is the best agent you can select.
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Bonnie F.
ERA Byrne Realty
”Paul has always been extremely proactive and responsive to all my questions and requests. Would highly recommend Paul and the PBI Group!”
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ERA Integrity Real Estate
”Once again Paul has gone above and beyond to provide the best quote while still providing superior coverage. As a realtor, I know that service and knowledge make all the difference to my clients. This is why I am comfortable using Paul. He is extremely knowledgeable and he has strong follow-through skills. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking E&O insurance.”
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Karen W.
ERA Lake Eufaula Real Estate
”Great job, and constantly in touch. Saved us money this year too, thanks Paul. ”
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Bruno F.
ERA Lambros Real Estate
”We couldn't be happier with our E&O Insurance representative Paul. Your response time is excellent, and we appreciate your communication and cooperation with claims.”
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Connie L.
ERA M. Connie Laplante Real Estate
”I wanted to take a minute Paul and thank you for all your help in getting me the right policy for my Errors & Omissions insurance. In the past I felt I had to stay with the one carrier I had been with even though my premiums kept rising. You helped my company get a better coverage policy as well as it being cheaper than if I had stayed with my original carrier. You took the time to explain the differences between policies to me and that meant a lot. Like I told you I know how to sell houses, but I know nothing about insurance. I look forward to doing business with you for a long time. Thank you once again.”
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Daniel S.
ERA Naper Realty
”We appreciate your prompt response to my every request. It was a pleasure to renew our E&O with you.”
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Rebecca R.
ERA Pacesetters Realty
”I have trusted Paul for many years with ERA Pacesetter's E&O Insurance!”
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Malinda B.
ERA 1st Choice Real Estate
”Great company to work with...always helpful...whether in application phase or anything with billing etc.”
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Karen K.
ERA Advantage Realty
My experience with Paul in getting E&O insurance for ERA Advantage was exceptional. He worked with me in determining our needs, and also was very prompt in returning my calls if I had a question. I would recommend Paul Bondy to all my associates.
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