I, < Agent> will never request or forward alone someone else’s request * to my Client,  via any form of electronic communication including email, text message or voice mail asking to transfer any funds.


Hackers are finding valuable information about real estate transactions and using that information to steal your money by sending fraudulent emails and changing wiring instructions prior to closing. These emails appear real and include accurate details of the closing and can even look like they were sent from the real estate agent but they are a scam.  In the email, they are directing the buyer or another funding authority to wire closing funds to a false bank account.  STOP ..DO NOT!

If you receive an email request from someone who appears to be involved in your real estate transaction, do not forward that email to anyone. By doing so validates the fraudulent email giving it the credibility need for the scam to work. Instead, pick up the telephone and call.  If the bad guys’ email did not work and they didn’t receive the funds they sometimes call the buyer themselves!!! and pressure them into transferring the funds.

Here is disclosure template worth looking at incorporating into your transaction documentation.

* PBI Group’s cyber liability polity does not provide cover for real estate professionals who receive emails or telephone calls from a 3rd party (title company, closing attorney, etc) and forward those erroneous wire transfer instructions to their clients.