If so, you may be in a situation where your policy does not provide coverage due to an unsupported software application running on your computers. All software eventually reaches a point where it is no longer supported by their author which presents a security risk for you. It is all part of the life cycle of software and it is time for you to upgrade to the latest and greatness stable version.

Window 7 ended “Mainstream Support” on January 2015. Which means no free support, no patches unless there is a material security risk. The next level of unsupported software is called “Extended Support” which is normally 5 years after Mainstream Support starts. This means that Windows 7 will fall into this “Extended Support” category in 2020. This is not far off and by then you should be upgraded. Today many of us are still using Internet Explorer which is already in the 3rd level of unsupported software called “Cease of Support”. This level started for IE in January 2016, so every year you are still using IE it gets less safe and more vulnerable.

There is no doubt that we all have IT work to do so we can stay current but that should not impact your cyber liability coverage. If your cyber liability policy has an unsupported software exclusion or condition it is possible for the carrier to deny a claim based on the current support status of your applications.

The cyber liability policy we quote via Victor O. Schinnerer/ ACE does not have an unsupported exclusion or condition.

*Based on policy information provided by: Victor O. Schinnerer & Company, Inc.